Monday, July 5, 2010

Helping Hand

 First off, I wanted to say "thanks" to the dude who came into the sauna at the gym yesterday, sat himself right down next to me and started jerkin off.  It was just the two of us in there and one thing led to another and the next thing I knew, we were beating each others' dicks off.  Why am I boring you all with this story that you've probably all heard (or taken part in) 100 times?  Well, to be honest, it was the first time I've ever really fooled around like that at the gym.  I work out to work out.  I mean, I've gotten a semi-chubby in the showers around good-lookin dudes, but never done anything like what happened yesterday.
Anyways, just wanted to share my "first time" with my loyal readers, LOL.  The whole thing was really pretty fuckin hot.  I mean, the way the sauna at my gym is situated, there's kind of a hidden corner, but only part of it is really "hidden", pretty much the whole room is visible from the door, which is clear glass.  I definitely don't go to a "gay" gym, it's mostly just straight guys, so the whole thing was dangerous and pretty fuckin hot.  Neither of us came, but I got pretty damn close!  The hottest part is when he spit on his hand before he started wankin' my joynt!  I know I'm a little off topic for this particular blog, but hey, I promised myself I'd let this blog take me wherever it takes me!
I would love to hear you dudes tell your "first time at the gym" stories, now that I've made a fool of myself!  Post them in the comments section or email me at:

If you email your story, please let me know if it's okay to publish it on the blog (anonymously, of course).  I think it might be cool to occasionally post reader stories like this.  What do you think??


  1. Not as tasty as your story, but...

    I once knew this guy who kept asking when I'd be showering after weight training. The dude was the size of a house, but not muscle, just pudge. And no, not like normal pudge, I mean borderline obese.

    Anyway, I told him when I'd be there, just thinking he was joking around. Lo and behold, the fucker shows up in the shower! We are the only ones there and he starts jacking off. He asks me to bend over and gives me a rimjob, but I start to freak. Hey, other guys are in the locker room and could walk past any moment!

    After a few minutes of watching this marshmallow man stroke his uncut sausage, he jizzed and we toweled off. I felt fucking dirty.

    When I got home, I ratted myself out to my boyfriend. He said, "Gross," and that was it... until the pudgy guy texted me that night.

    "Let's do it again," he said. I told him it wasn't happening and that my man didn't like that shit. He kept insisting. Finally, my boyfriend grabbed the phone and told him to stop being obsessive and gross. Embarrassed, the guy totally lost it and chewed me out. I never heard from him again. It was sweet!

  2. I can’t remember the first time, but I can remember the hottest sex I’ve had in a men’s locker room. It was at a typical, downtown YMCA, a Sunday afternoon around 4:00 pm. The men’s locker room sauna is very small. The door is a wooden frame door with a large glass panel. As you walk in, there are slatted benches directly ahead and another pair along the left wall. The right wall is where the sauna generator is located. The sauna is always dimly lit -- guys take out the light bulbs to get it that way. The two walls with benches have a lower bench and an upper bench.

    The adjacent steam room was closed that day for repairs so all the guys were cramming into the sauna. Some guys keep their towels wrapped around them, but about half will enter, unwrap their towel and place it on the bench, then sit there with their legs spread wide apart showing off their hairy dicks and cum-heavy balls. Guys on the lower benches have a direct sight-line to the dudes’ pricks sitting on upper benches.

    There was this gay dude, about 25, on the short side, built like a Marine fireplug. He had a hairy chest that was nicely trimmed and a huge, 9” uncut dick. Also, a tight bubble butt ass. He smelled like a man. Did his work-out then came directly to the sauna without showering. This guy had NO hesitations. He would enter the sauna, throw off his towel, stair down the guy directly across from him (even if he was wearing a wedding ring),and start beating his meat. 95% of the time, his target would start beating his own meat as well.

    There are eight of us crammed into the sauna that Sunday -- four dudes along each wall. Some on upper benches, some on the lower ones. Guys were about 3” apart from each other -- thighs sometime touching, smells wafting out, man sweat pouring out dripping on the guys next to each dude. It smelled like sweaty jock straps, sweat socks, and bare ass in there that afternoon. Six dudes are gay (me included) and two young guys -- in their 30s -- are straight and married. They are wearing wedding rings.

    So Mr. Marine Stud comes in….everybody squeezes tighter along the back bench to fit him in, he whips off his towel, sits down, and immediately starts stroking it -- fast and hard. I’m thinking, “two of these guys are fucking married!” One of the married dudes who has had his head in the newspaper (trying to act like he doesn’t notice anything) gets up and storms out. Slowly, one-by-one, the gay guys drop their towels and start beating their meat. The second married guy is looking around and he’s dumbfounded. I’m sure he’s thinking “all these ripped, muscle guys who bench press with me are queer?’ Then HE drops his towel and starts jerking his meat -- which was large -- about 8” uncut.

    Next, of course, guys started to “switch hands” and jerk the guys next to them. Sure enough, one of the gay guys starts to jerk the straight dude. He looks really surprised at first, then he gets this big shit-eating grin on his face. He says out loud, “You know guys , I’m really into poundin’ pussy and licking clits.” Yeah, right. . .

    About five minutes go by, then cum starts flying every which way -- onto the floor, onto other guys’ bellies and thighs, onto the wall and benches. Guys are shooting big long ribbons of sticky cum juice and moaning. The straight guy shoots his load last. Everyone is laughing , exiting to shower and the straight guy says, “Guess I need to come here more often on Sundays!”

  3. Dude, I'm so glad for you! I've had TONS of sauna/steamroom/gym sex since my mid 20's. It totally rocks. Still to this day I jack off with guys at my "respectable" suburban gym. Truth be told, most of em aren't too hot but once in a while they are. I think there should just be a jackoff sauna and then a regular sauna for guys who don't wanna jack; I'll bet the latter would be empty most of the time.
    Thanks for your site, dude. Jockstraps have ruled my life since I was eleven years old and got my first.. took it home and beat off and haven't been the same since!

  4. There is NOTHING HOTTER than jackin' in a STRAP. I luv to see MANJUICE runnning do the POUCH of a dude's STRAP. DAAAAAAYUUUM, I'm STR8 up just typing this message.