Friday, August 21, 2009

Band of Brothers

At the risk of concentrating entirely on the awesome straps of athlete's jocks, we can't forget that without the waistband, the straps would be lost. So here's to the jockstrap waistband. It may not appear as frequently as the straps, which makes waistband sightings all that much sweeter!

The controversy over jocks vs. compression shorts rages (which I'll tackle in a future post), so sometimes we have to settle for a glimpse of the band of comp shorts. But a shot of comp shorts can be just as sexy as a jock, if you give it half a chance.

So pull down your shorts, gamepants and sweats and show us some band!

This one gets my juices flowin'

Comp shorts can be sexy as hell!

Jock briefs?

Wide band, wide smile.

Best of both worlds!!!


  1. I have to agree, the waist band is just as hot. But for me in this order of viewing a guy wearin a jockstrap goes as:
    1. Bulge, be it a cup bulge or a jockstrap bulge
    2. Ass straps...You got to love white pants ie. football and baseball
    3. Waist band, cuz with out it you have no bulge or ass straps.

    Keep up the great pics. They sure made my weekend.

  2. Thanks man! You're right, without the waistband, nothin to hold up those awesome straps we love.

    Joey T